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Dec 11, 2007 at 01:20 AM

Rounding of a total with a percent calculation


Post Author: jdomkus

CA Forum: Formula

I have a sales field that is taking .10 of the total and placing that total into a new field. This figure is then being used in a total calculation with other values. My problem is the calculation is not being handled correctly due to the percent field total (This is complex to explain but easy to show in a example.

total sales = .25 (Cents) This total is being multiplied by .10 to figure out 10% of the total sales = .03 (This calculation is correct)

Then when I go to subtract .25 - .03 = .23 (Which is not correct, rounding is set to 0.01 on the field)

I have this report in 8.5 with all the patches and I have also download crystal report 11 with the same result, Any help would be appreciated