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Jan 30, 2018 at 08:55 AM

Foreign trade import configuration for purchasing document




I need help in case of foreign trade/ customs configuration required for purchase order and scheduling agreement.

My scenario is I have company code with country code as ZA South Africa and my requirement is when a vendor country and purchase order country is different then a foreign trade data should update for PO. Also at time of Inbound delivery a foreign trade data should be automatically get updated in inbound delivery.

I know the steps - 1. Maintain material with Foreign trade import data

2. Create a new pricing schema with conditions - JCDB,JCV1

3. Assign it to vendor in purchasing view

3. Create PO and import tab will available in PO

4. MIRO before MIGO

I am new in case of Tax related configurations. How import po procedure will impact at FI side.

Will you please provide me detail configuration steps and things which i need to consider before doing configuration.

I need to have foreign trade data automatically in Scheduling agreement, PO and inbound delivery.

Many Thanks,