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Oct 31, 2007 at 05:16 PM

Record Selection within a formula


Post Author: MWinn

CA Forum: Formula

I have a report that requires me to setup a record selection within a formula. For example I need to set the field SBCODE.SCDTYP to "PR" to get the Problem description and to "TE" to get the Technician Description and to "WD" to get the Work Done description. I can use the Record Select expert ot set SBCODE.SCDTYPE to one of those values but that would prevent me from obtaining the correct information for the other fields.

Is there away to create a formula that would set the record to the desired code, I.E. "PR" for the problem code, and then insert that formula into the report so it would only affect that particular field? I tried a variety of different formula's in an attemp to do this, but it didn't work. Here are some of the formula's I tired.


this brought up the Problem codes but it also added some unexpected things in the report. SBCODE.SCDDS2 is the field that has the Problem description.

I also tired this.



But this didn't work either. Again, if I use the record selection expert and set {SBCODE.SCDTYP} = "PR" I do get the correct information for that one filed.

Any Help would be appreciated.


Michael D. Winn