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Sep 10, 2007 at 04:12 PM

Sort Main Report on variable passed from Subreport


Post Author: realw

CA Forum: Formula

I'm working on a CR XI report. I want to be able to sort the main report on a value in the subreport. I am trying to create a shared variable to pass that value from the subreport to the main report. So far, however, the formula containing the variable in the main report is not appearing as an option in the Sort dialogue box.

My first question is, can this be done?

If the answer is yes, then which sections in the subreport and main report should the formula appear in?

What I have at this point is:

In the last Details section of Subreport, formula @ssSubCreator

WhilePrintingRecords;Shared StringVar Cre;Cre:= {CreCreat_csv.SummaryData};

In the Report Header of the Main report, formula @ssCre

Shared StringVar Cre:="";

In the Details section of the Main report, following the section containing the Subreport, formula @ssCreator

Shared StringVar Cre;Cre

I can see that the data is passing correctly to the Main report. I've tried moving the formulas around to different sections in the sub and main reports but haven't gotten the formula to be sortable.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,