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Sep 09, 2007 at 05:57 PM

IF statement / expressions help


Post Author: cht104

CA Forum: Formula

I've created a report to show number, date and amount. It works, but I want the numbers to be changed to a names in the group header only. I"ve tried several if / then or case statements, but keep getting different errors. Where should I create the formula? Is it a formula field or a SQL expression field?

I'm pulling 3 fields from 1 table; number date amount. The number column has a header of Group 1 Name. Group 1 Name is what I would like to use the IF expression

IF number = "12345" then Sam IF number = "54321" than Tom I've got multiple number -> name changes to make.

I know that I'm over thinking or trying to make more difficult than it should be and would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.