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Sep 07, 2007 at 02:33 PM

Help with One to Many Formula


Post Author: Don

CA Forum: Formula

Hello Everyone,

I need some assistance. I have a one to many relationship...



FieldName = RecordID

DATA, RecordID= 10

TABLE 2, linked one to many to RecordID in TABLE1

FieldNames = RecordID, Name, ContactType

DATA, RecordID= 10, Name= Tom, ContactType= Sales

DATA, RecordID= 10, Name= Dan, ContactType= Service

DATA, RecordID=10, Name= Jon, ContactType= Sales

What I am looking for is to create a formula that would return something that looks like this....

Sales Contact Name

Tom, Jon

So... I want to grab all the "Contact Types" of "Sales" from TABLE 2 then pass in the "Name" field from TABLE 2 and if there is more then one "Name" of the sames "Contact Type" then comma seperate it.

And... I don't want to do this in a sub report. I do know I can make a sub report and return both values but to my knowledge the values would be on top of one another and not beside each other comma separated.