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Aug 09, 2007 at 03:52 PM

formula dependencies?


Post Author: scd07

CA Forum: Formula

I am working on a report that looks at trucking lanes (Inbound and outbound traffic). Currently, the database is setup with Origin Zipcode and Destination Zipcode. In the past, all reporting has been linked to Destination Zip. Then there is a field for Sales Region, which looks at the Zip and categorizes the trip as "East", "West", "South", etc. I now need to be able to look at Either the Origin or Destination Zip and translate either of those to a Sales Region. I have created a parameter field for the Inbound v. Outbound traffic, which works fine. But I don't know what sort of formula to use with the sales region that says "If Inbound, use Origin Zone and translate to Sales Region" and "If outbound, use Destination Zone and translate to Sales Region".

I'm really not well versed in Crystal, and will really appreciate any advice that can be offered. Thank you!