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Aug 08, 2007 at 05:53 PM



Post Author: ggiretn

CA Forum: Formula

I am a novice with Crystal Reports so bear with me. I have a table with patient info (Episode) with 1 record per patient. I have another with multiple patient records (ep_os_ans_dtl) and a third with multiple patient records (os_survey). I must identify three disctinct records from the ep_os_ans_dlt table if the corrisponding record in os_survey is an "S".

I am trying to use variables to carry this info forward, but it seems to clear. Here is my variable.

NumberVar SOCVar;

if {os_survey.os_survey_letter} = "S" thenSOCVar := {ep_os_ans_dtl.os_a_seq_num}

The trouble is after the record passes, the variable is reset to 0.