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Funds are not transfered from PR to PO

Jan 29 at 03:25 PM


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Hello Gurus, we are having an issue in our production system which I'm not able to reproduce in our Q environment for further testing.

Sometimes a PR is created, and funds are reserved for that PR, later a PO is created from that PR, but we have no funds!

I checked the movements in FMRP_RFFMEP1AX and I see the original document with the funds assigned to the PR, and then a Reduction for the same amount, and that's it. The PO can't be saved because it lack of budget for that Commitment item/Fund center combination.

We have tried to fix the PR, PO and budget document using FMN3N, FMN4N and FMN5N with no result.

Any ideas why this could be happening and how to fix it/prevent from happening again?.

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Please share a screen shot showing the value types, business transactions, etc.

Which version/SP of ECC are you using?


We are on Netweaver EHP7.

This is the journal document when yo see the movements in the PR:

When we try to save the PO:

journal.jpg (89.7 kB)
po.jpg (263.6 kB)
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2 Answers

Eli Klovski
Jan 29 at 03:35 PM


Is by any chance PO posted in the different year from that of PR? If not, is FM assignment of PO corresponds to PR?



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Both documents are from January 2018.

FM assignment in PR is:

Funds Center:61205010

Commitment item: 6500700001

When we try to save the PO, AVC says there is no enough budget for that same combination.


Very strange... What is your update profile in FM and if you did any modifications in OF39 transaction for it?

Also, try executing FMAVCREINIT (I presume you have BCS activated and not Former budgeting) just in case.


Update profile is 000101. I have the following setting for value type 50 and 51:

of39.jpg (63.9 kB)
Eli Klovski
Jan 30 at 08:58 AM

This is already not so good... why do you have PBET activated for PR, but not for PO. It doesn't make sense. Also, was there any particular reason to change the standard behaviour of 000101 profile?

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