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Jul 03, 2007 at 06:26 PM

"A boolean is required here" message


Post Author: MikeA-ICE

CA Forum: Formula

I've got a formula:

If {CrystalHeadData.ProjectName} <> ""Then"Project Name: " + {CrystalHeadData.ProjectName} + chr(13)ORIf {CrystalHeadData.ProjectLocation} <> ""Then"Project Location: " + {CrystalHeadData.ProjectLocation} + chr(13)ORIf {CrystalHeadData.Estimator} <> ""Then"Estimator: " + {CrystalHeadData.Estimator} + chr(13)ORIf {CrystalHeadData.RevisionNumber} <> ""Then"Revision Number: " + {CrystalHeadData.RevisionNumber} + chr(13)ORIf {CrystalHeadData.CheckedBy} <> ""Then"Estimate Check: " + {CrystalHeadData.CheckedBy} + chr(13)

and the idea is to place this in a text object. If a particular field isn't blank then the resulting text and data field will occur along with a carriage return. If it is blank the "Then" result should be blank. All data fields used in this formula are string datatypes. When I formulate the formula this way though I get an "A boolean is required here" error message and the formula won't evaluate when it gets to "Revision Number: " + {CrystalHeadData.RevisionNumber} + chr(13).

Why is this telling me that a boolean is needed here? Like I said all data types used here are strings. There is one field in the table that is a number field but it isn't used in this formula.

Thank you,

Mike A