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Jul 02, 2007 at 08:28 PM

Division by Zero


Post Author: bkaufman

CA Forum: Formula

Can anyone tell me why I'm getting a division by zero error. I think this formula should return a 0 if either of these fields are = 0 or return a percent if they are not. Any suggestions.

IIF (Sum ({SM_Management_Info.Point End Bal}, {SM_Management_Info.Market Name})=0, 0,IIF (Sum ({SM_Management_Info.End Base Bal}, {SM_Management_Info.Market Name}) = 0, 0, Round((Sum ({SM_Management_Info.Point End Bal}, {SM_Management_Info.Market Name}) % Sum ({SM_Management_Info.End Base Bal}, {SM_Management_Info.Market Name})) - 100,1) ) )