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Jul 01, 2007 at 03:09 AM

reset - evaluate or..


Post Author: shedevel143

CA Forum: Formula

I have a formula : IF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 0 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel1Amount} ELSEIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 1 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel2Amount} ELSEIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 2 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel3Amount} ELSEIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 3 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel4Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 4 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel5Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 5 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel6Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 6 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel7Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 7 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel8Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 8 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel9Amount} ElseIF {Customers.PriceLevel} = 9 THEN {LineItem.PriceLevel10Amount}

This works if only I on the 4-5 lines. I get no error when I save the formula and dint get data. Also, when it does work it give the right price but I need it to reset or...

My report should looks like this:

customer id Price level Item Id Price level amount

Joe blow 0 xxx-000 55.00

Joe blow 0 xxx-222 65.00

Helen Monkey 1 xxx-000 60.00

Helen Monkey 1 xxx-000 .80.00

However, I only get one line item per customer. I assume I need to tell it to reset or evaluate after each item id. Help!!!

thanks in Advance