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Jun 29, 2007 at 12:01 AM

Convert a number to a date and use that date to compare to two parameters


Post Author: jack7545

CA Forum: Formula

Crystal Reports XI - I would like to use the paramater field prompts to prompt for two date fields (range for the report). My problem is that my database saves all dates in a CYYMMDD numberic format (e.g. 0990101 = 19990101 and 1070101 = 20070101) - "old if year less then 40 logic for Y2K database). How can I conv ert the 7 digit number into a date field which can then be used to compare to the two date fields in my parameter (and what woudl the function look like that compars the converted number to the two date fields). I am very new to crystal (enough to be dangerous)