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May 18, 2007 at 10:55 PM

Identify DayOfWeek within date range


Post Author: mcatd

CA Forum: Formula

I need to write a report counting employee absences for each day within a user-selected week. The employee-absence records I have to work with look more or less like this:

Employee Name Absence Type Abs Start Date Abs End DateSmith S 02/14/07 02/15/07Jackson V 02/12/07 02/16/07Tulowitzki S 02/15/07 02/16/07

The report needs to look like this:

DayOfWeek Sick VacationMonday 0 1Tuesday 0 1Wednesday 1 1Thursday 2 1Friday 1 1

I am completely stumped on how to assign a DayOfWeek value to those dates that are only implicit in the range, particularly as the size of the range varies from one record to the next.