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Apr 23, 2007 at 09:30 PM

Help with creating forumlas


Post Author: WAFFLE

CA Forum: Formula

I am a novice user trying to create some if then statements so that I don't have to go back several years to implement new changes My formula looks like this if {PO_HEADER_USER_FIELDS.Alpha_Field1} <>'' and {PO_HEADER_USER_FIELDS.Alpha_Field2} <>''then {PO_HEADER_USER_FIELDS.Alpha_Field1}""{PO_HEADER_USER_FIELDS.Alpha_Field2}ELSE IF {PO_TEMP_PO_HEADER.Address_1} <> '' THEN {PO_TEMP_PO_HEADER.Address_1} else {PO_TEMP_PO_HEADER.Address_2}; First, I can't seem to make spaces (thats what the "" were for) and second it seems that when address_1 is empty and address_2 has information in it, it still wont pull. Any help would be much appreciated.