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Mar 29, 2007 at 07:49 PM

Convert Epoch (UNIX) time to a readable timestamp


Post Author: uberwolfe

CA Forum: Formula

I am pulling data from a MS SQL 2000 database (for you phone phreaks out there, I am going against the Cisco CallManager CDR database). The datetime stamp is in there as UNIX time. I need to convert and split this into two fields, a date field and a time field. As I have inherited this and don't know a lot about Crystal Reports I am at a loss. Currently the report I have (that a developer who is no longer with us wrote) has two formula's. The formulas are as follows: Time:CTime ({vw_OCESelectionDetail.dateTimeConnect}/8640025569) Date:CDate ({vw_OCESelectionDetail.dateTimeConnect}/8640025569) When the time is returned, it looks to be in GMT. What type of formula would I need to have to convert the time to the correct time within the timezone I am in. Any help would be appreciated.