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Dec 03, 2007 at 03:04 PM

Exporting to a Tab delimited file.


Post Author: John

CA Forum: Exporting

I'm having a problem with my first line (only in the first column) being 1 space over to the left. This causes the whole file to not be read by my Access database (except the first line). My file is coming from CR. Any suggestions?

Here's an example.

"A11111111111" "234234234" "Steve" "23412342"

"A22222222222" "234523452" "Bob" "32452345"

"A33333333333" "234234234" "Susan" "23423423"

On the above example, if you went into the file and pressed the space bar in front of the first line... only once, everything is in alignment. Column 1, row 1 is the only one that is off.