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Sep 12, 2007 at 12:38 PM

Separated Values (CSV) Problem


Post Author: jmb1977

CA Forum: Exporting

Hello, I am new to crystal reports and running into an exporting problem.

I work for a school district and I am trying to create a student report which contains multiple phone number contacts. Here is how I have it setup:

In my Group Header I have...Student # , First Name, Last Name, ..... Phone Number

Then in the Details section, I have the alternate contact phone number. I have it setup, using the selection expert, to grab multiple contacts if they exist.

So when I run the report it may look like this for an entry:

12345 John Doue 12 Student (000) 000-0000 .....

then on the next line have an alternate contact number and then on the next line, another number and so on.

The report looks fine when it is run, but when I do an export, using separated values (CSV), it places the alternate phone numbers on new lines, rather then as one record. So when I export it into Excel, it shows those numbers on next line down, rather then on the same line.

Any ideas? Using version of the program.