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Aug 02, 2007 at 04:07 PM

Have tried to solve many different ways!


Post Author: ashleyt

CA Forum: Exporting

I am using Crystal Report XI and can not go to Release 2. I am creating a file that will ultimately go into a CSV file. To keep my formatting and empty columns I first export to EXCEL dataonly --> And use the default settings. Then from within Excel I save as a csv. Then view in notepad to see my commas.

I have a field with "" to create empty columns. So for having 16 empty columns at the end of the file, I have that field 17 times. I am having 2 problems.

1. Adds a space to the front of my date. I have a date field with custom formatting. It exports fine except that it has a space in the front in XCEL and then in my csv.

2. Also at the end of the file I have many empty columns that I have to have. It is cutting off 10 empty columns from my details section but then adding them to my header row.

Any ideas why this would happen, or any ideas of the best way that I should add empty columns (which are commas in the csv) so that they are consistent instead of dropping off like I mentioned above?

Thank you for the help,