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Jul 18, 2007 at 08:01 PM

Export Performance Issues in CR8.5, VB6 and ColdFusion


Post Author: MikeM

CA Forum: Exporting

I am currently developing a method to export our reports to a directory, which our users will then mail to individuals.

The report itself is not that complicated, so I looked in it first to make sure it's not the query (the query is very fast, as it turns out). It has three subreports.

To cut to the chase, my .export is taking a whopping 55 seconds, on average. When users want to print reports, I'd say that's not acceptable.


My VB6 code:

Public Function ExportCurrentReport(varTokenid As Variant, intExportType As Integer, extension As String) As StringDim strFileName As StringDim varExportOptions As VariantDim strExportFileName As StringDim next_step As StringDim crystal_options As Object

On Error GoTo ecr_error

Set crystal_options = gbl_objRpt.ExportOptionsgbl_objRpt.MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = Falsegbl_objRpt.EnableParameterPrompting = Falsegbl_objRpt.DisplayProgressDialog = FalsestrFileName = CStr(varTokenid) & Format(Now(), "MMDDYYHHMMSS") & extensionSet varExportOptions = gbl_objRpt.ExportOptionsstrExportFileName = gbl_strExportPath & strFileNamevarExportOptions.DiskFileName = strExportFileNamevarExportOptions.FormatType = intExportTypevarExportOptions.DestinationType = 1gbl_objRpt.Export FalseExportCurrentReport = strFileName

Exit Functionecr_error:

ExportCurrentReport = next_step & ">>>>>" & Err.DescriptionEnd Function


I am running this through ColdFusion, and for debugging, put in a lot of output statements to show how long each call takes. The calls to set passwords, instantiate, and so on, all take 1 second or less; the call to export takes 55 seconds.

Any ideas?