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Facing issue with triggering BADI "BADI_FINS_CFIN_EX_INTF" to update the extension structure fields

Jan 29 at 07:46 AM


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Hello Everyone,

We are posting data from SLT to S/4 Hana, In S/4 there is a BADI provided by SAP "BADI_FINS_CFIN_EX_INTF" which needs to be triggered to populate extension structure fields.

I have created an Implementation for that BADI.

In my case, I can see the Extension Structure data in AIF Window without any errors from SLT, After that I don't have any Idea where exactly the BADI will be called in data processing?

How the data will be processed from AIF Framework to update standard tables in S/4?

Could you please provide me any program name or Function Module or any Class to process the data?

I have searched all the SCN posts but no where I could find AIF data processing..It will be very helpful to me if you could tell me where exactly the BADI is called in standard code while data processing...



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Divi Srilaxmi Jan 30 at 08:27 AM

Hi Raymond,

Finally I can able to trigger Badi Implementation.

In my Implementation I have written infinite loop to stop the program forcefully.

and then I have debugged it from SM50.

Administration -> Program -> Debugging.

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Raymond Giuseppi
Jan 29 at 09:25 AM

Did you perform a where-used search on BAdI BADI_FINS_CFIN_EX_INTF method MAP_TO_BAPI or class CL_FINS_CFIN_EX_INTF_ACC_DOC medthod ME_POST?

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Hi Raymond,

Yes Before posting, I have checked where used list of Badi "BADI_FINS_CFIN_EX_INTF", and kept the break point in all places, but the badi is not triggered.


Did you activate a dummy empty implementation of the BAdI, did you read Third-Party System Interface to Central Finance: Extensibility?


Yes I activated, and have gone through the documentation. That is the only document which I find in google regarding this BADI. I didn't find the mentioned Instance attribute "MS_LAST_AIF_DOC" anywhere. Could you please tell me where can I see that? and what is the use of that?

In MAP_TO_BAPI method parameters "IS_DETAIL_AIF" - External Interface AIF - Target Structure , is available.