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Dec 12, 2007 at 08:25 PM

Linking SQL Server Stored Procedures


Post Author: RiddlerMN

CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL

I am trying to link two "tables" from SQL Server 2005 stored procedures in a one-to-many relationship in CR XI-R2. I manually setup a link between the two "tables" using the Database Expert. The problem is, the report will only include 1 row out of the master "table". The rows from the detail "table" are included correctly. I am not doing any filtering of the data returned by the stored procedures in CR. However, if I do add a filter to the master "table" results, I will get the correct specified master row plus the proper detail information. But I can't seem to ever get more than 1 row from the master "table" no matter what I do. Any ideas??