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Nov 12, 2007 at 08:15 PM

Error in Compiling SQL Expression


Post Author: pcdelozi2

CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL

Greetings - I'm attempting to create my first SQL expression using CR XI and Access 2003. Any tips/pointers are greatly appreciated!

I have 2 tables - FEATURE MAIN and POINTELEMENT. I want to report on the FEATURE_MAIN Table, and pull out specific information in the POINT ELEMENT table. So, the SQL statment that I created:

SELECT `Point_Element`.`ElementName`FROM `Point_Element` `Point_Element`WHERE (`Feature_Main`.`PointID` =`Point_Element`.`ID`)

When I attempt to compile this, I get the error:

Error in compiling SQL Expression:

Database Connector Error: 'DAO Error Code: 0xc03

Source: DAO.Database

Description: Syntax Error, in query expression 'SELECT 'Point_Element'.'ElementName'

ANY POINTERS/HELP/INFO is greatly appreciated!