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May 08, 2007 at 08:36 PM

Invalid Argument Provided


Post Author: TriciaC

CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL

Hi. We have a report that uses a SQL OLE DB connection to one database (three tables and one sql view are used in this report). We are using Crystal Reports XI and SQL 2005. We have created an RDC viewer to run the report from workstations and it sets the datasource location and logon information at runtime. When we run this report from one workstation using default parameters, it completes in approximately 5 seconds. However, when we run it from another workstation, it will hang for up to 10 minutes, then return the error "Invalid Argument Provided". We ran a SQL profiler trace and noticed that when it was run from the successful machine, it showed one long (but very complete) sql statement. When it was run from a machine where it got the error, it showed several separate sql statements (almost like it had subreports, but this report does not have & has never had any subreports). We were able to successfully run it from a machine that originally failed by changing the parameters to limit the amount of data it returned. But, when trying to read a lot of data, it seems to timeout with the error. Does anyone have any idea of why this is or why we are getting this error? Is there a setting in SQL 2005 that allows you to control how the data is processed? Or is there a crystal registry entry that might be set differently on the two machines that could cause them to process differently? Any advice or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!