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Mar 30, 2007 at 09:53 PM

sorting within groups


Post Author: mkosel

CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL

I am pretty new at CR and have set up a working report. I am having problems sorting records within groups. I have a report that is set to group records based on employee name. I would like to sort the order of the report so that employees that work in the same building are grouped together in the report. right now the report is done alphabetically by last name. I have a field in my table that lists the buiding they work in, but I can't get the report to sort corrently. My sort record export has the following: Group #1: export.lastname -A; the next line reads A-export.building. It seems I should just switch the positions in the record sort expert, but Cr will not let me do this. Is there another way to do this?ThanksMatt