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Mar 20, 2007 at 05:15 AM

How do I conditionally follow a link????


Post Author: tazer98

CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL

Hello All,

Back again. Its getting a little tougher as I get more involved in CR. Hereu2019s my latest situation.

I have 4 tables (A, B, C and D). There are links between tables: A-B, A-C and C-D. Keys are: KeyAB, KeyAC and KeyCD. Link A-B is a one-to-one, A-C is a one-to-one and table C-D is a one-to-many.

After retrieving a row from table A I make a determination in getting my data (on-hand quantity) from table B or table D.

My pseudo code would be:

Retrieve table A row

If tableA code = 1 then

Retrieve tableB row

Print tableBQty


Retrieve tableC row

Retrieve all related tableD rows

Print tableDQty


Go to retrieve another from tableA

Well I really donu2019t know how to put this type of logic into CR. I believe it lies in the link options of the database.

Can someone help me out on this one?