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Mar 20, 2008 at 03:14 PM

Filter a Chart for Single Value from Group


Post Author: NorthernNJLarry

CA Forum: Charts and Graphs

I hope this is possible.. .else, I'm not quite sure how to adjust data or query to enable this.

I'm rebuilding a series of reports that are manually pulled in Excel using datagrids. I'd pulled the data in CR from SQL and have managed to assemble most graphs (I'm new to CR).

The last series of graphs depict the volume of records associated to specific people across date ranges (x axis = weeks, y axis = volume). One chart per person.

I've created CR groups of records by week with subgroup by person. Regardless of how I group, the best chart I come up with is below. Unfortunatley, it places ALL people in the one graph...

I want to split out individual people (one graph per person). I'll gladly setup each graph, but need to know how to filter on just a single person.

Ideas Please??