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Nov 13, 2007 at 03:34 PM

Multiple Start/End values in a line chart?


Post Author: mmueller12

CA Forum: Charts and Graphs

Hello - we are trying to create a chart that will show what medications a person is on and the time period they were on each. Basically - the graph must look like the mock-up below. The + signs are datapoints. The person could be on a medication for 2 months, then have a 5 month gap, then go back on the same medication again. Is there a way to do this in Crystal? The only chart we could find that was close was a Gantt chart, but that chart puts each item on one line.

The data can be manipulated before crystal accesses it also - if that would make the chart more feasible.

Thank you! Melissa

|M1 | -- -+ + -+ | | |M2 | - -+ -- -- + | | |M3 | + -- -+ + -+ ----+ |____________________________________

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