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Sep 18, 2007 at 04:59 PM

General (non-technical) question about Confidentiality of Reports


Post Author: Jannoth

CA Forum:

A number of our monthly reports are emailed as PDFs to managers (needs about 50 PDFs each month)

We're just testing as this seems to provide a far, far superior solution BUT some of our reports are private, even strictly confidential in a few cases, and NOT being a tekky, I'm wondering about things like security etc - having prepublished reports on the internet.

I've checked the FAQs and searched other forum messages but can't see any mention. Are there any security implications or considerations which we should be aware of as a consequence of having reports (containing data) available on the internet? For example, some of these might have information about individuals' postal addresses, dates of birth, ethnicity and disability - pretty personal stuff.