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Apr 08, 2008 at 04:19 PM

CR2008 vs Edge XI


Post Author: jehanzeb

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Dear all,

Firstly I am not sure if I am posting this query in a right place or not (Admin could you please move this to the right place if possible?!)

Our company is thinking of buying a software package where end users can create their own reports directly without any interaction with IT Department i.e. no more requests to IT depratment for their end of the month/year reports.

We currently use IBM Informix Database with 4GL programming language for writing queries etc. What I am looking for is something which can easily integrate with Linux OS and IBM Informix db. Upon on my research I stumble upon Crystal Reports.

This peice of software is amazing when it comes to creating reports however, you got to be an IT man to create reports as you have to know how to connect to the database, which tables to choose, what filters to use and in some cases write formulas to produce the right report. This is alot of work if you think of about a user who has no or very little knowledge of IT (mostly sales,accounts,production managers).

I was planning to develop an inhouse web application which can give different people different access levels and provide them with an interface which they can use to create reports. However, this will take time and alot of effort and money to develop something like this for users who are in multiple locations all over the world.

I spoke to one of Business Objects staff member and he mentioned about BI Edge Premium which does somewhat similar sort of thing what I am looking for. However, to create reports we have to create different universes which will hold specific data tables. These tables will be used to run queries and creating reports. For each department or in some cases for each report we have to create a universe. This means alot of time spending initially creating universes for different purposes.

Lets say I am confuse in terms of what we should be using or what is the best product/approach for our company. I can develop something fairly easily in ASP.Net and publish it over the internet with Crystal Report Viewer and users can run the queries (query results will be shown on the data grid) and from there they can create reports. OR I can invest in this software, create universes for each depratment and for each purpose and let the users create their own reports.

In either case achieving the same result! but which one is better? I cannot see the comparison of the two packages.

Is there someone who was/is in the same situation as me? Or if someone has over come this situation then how did you do it? Could you advise on this please.

I hope I made some sense there.