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Jun 12, 2007 at 10:33 PM



Post Author: naveenurs

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We have currently crystal 8.0 running on a windows 2000 and we got sharepoint in a different box where the crystal reports are been published.

Users log into sharepoint and click on the report and if the user doent have the crystal report viewer then it pormpts the activex install option and it installs on the system and opens up the report.

Iam trying the same thing now on crystall 11 has we have plans to move the current windows 2000 to 2003.I did the same way of pubshing the report and when user click it doent open up the report viewer or it doesnt asks user to install active x insatll viewer.

iam struck in here has all my reports needs to be on sharepoint and idont want to use the inbuild viwer from crystal that is info view and management console.

Steps i did:

1.created a report

2.published the report to sharepoint and add a link in sharepoint where the crystal server is

3.the link i give to users is http://namofserver/reportname.rpt .