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May 06, 2008 at 11:27 PM

CR XI R2 on x64


Post Author: garypaquette

CA Forum: Deployment

So here's the thing... with 4 different responses and KB's dealing with the fact the CR XI R2 does not run on a x64 Windows platform I cannot seem to get it to work either.

Yes I have tried the IIS 32bit switch and yes tried the MSI deployment to specify 32bit (x86) and nothing works.

Clients upset and BO/SAP has no real official response (with the exception of oh ya, CR 2008 SP1 supports it for an extra $300)

Common guys, it cannot be that hard to get things working on a clean fresh install on Win2003 x64???

We have an enterprise application built in VS 2005 and we have CR as the report engine - everything works fine on x64 EXCEPT the CR engine.

Any "complete" documentation that outlines everything to do and try to get it to work versus suggestions?