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Apr 17, 2008 at 06:56 PM

BO XI R3 Installation: CMS Error


Post Author: chriss77

CA Forum: Deployment

Hello Everyone,

I attempted to install BO XI R3 on a Windows Server 2003, using an existing database - MS SQL Server 2005. The error I received is:

The Central Management Server has failed to start. Press 'Retry' to attempt to start it again or 'Cancel' to skip any actions dependendent on the Central Management Server. (STU000213)

I am currently using an existing database (SQL Server 2005) and created new database u201Ccrystalu201D. I also used the default CMD Port: 6400 for the BO Administrator. I have added u201Ccrystalu201D in the ODBC System DSN.

After several tries, it was able to continue and complete the installation. When I logged in to the Central Management Console:

Error: Server fls-crystalsrvr:6400 not found or server may be down (FWM 01003) null.

Does this error got something to do with NOT setting the MSSQL Server 2005 to UTF-8? The Install Guide says: For an MS SQL Server database, there are no specific parameters, other than setting of UTF-8 that are crucial for Business Objects Enterprise to work...."

Has anyone done a similar install wih MS SQL Server 2005 before? How is the UTF-8 set? Did you use collation, script?

Any feedback on this issue is welcome.

Thanks so much in advance.