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Jul 30, 2007 at 11:10 PM

Move BO XI R2 to new server


Post Author: jokes54321

CA Forum: Deployment

We finally got approval to replace all of our standalone servers with Rack mounts, so we need to move a single BO XI R2 installation to a new server.

I built the new rack mount server with the same partitions as the old server and we use an external SQL server as our repository.

Are there any directions for performing a backup and restore so I don't lose any schedules, reports or anything? The new server will retain the same name as the old server (drop one from the domain and join the new one with the same name).

If I do a clean install of BO XI R2 on the new server into the same folder structure as the old one then copy the contents from the old server to the new one would that work?