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Jul 20, 2007 at 07:54 AM

Problem when deploying CRXIr2 + VS2005


Post Author: Aksu

CA Forum: Deployment

I have a problem with report loading when I have deployed windows project. Everything is working fine in "development environment". I deploy the project with MS-installer and CRXIr2 merge module (CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msm) included. All properties in the module are set to 1 - so everything should be installed.With deployed project (in my release testing pc) I always get error when showing reportviewer:"Failed to load database information. Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\MyReport{32693324-9D11-4173-9069-82B872C1138D}.rpt: Failed to load database information." If I copy dll's from my development PC (whole directory "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5") to "release testing pc". Everything starts to work fine!!! Is there some dll's missing from the merged module or do I have some wrong attributes in report object or dataset??? I using dataset to "populate" the report like this:----

DataSet dset = null; // I get the data with adapter and "custom made" sql-clause SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter( sql, conn.mSysConn );int chunkRows = adapter.Fill( dset );// setting formulas etc....reportDoc.SetDataSource(dset.Tables[0]); // Always one tableviewer.ReportSource = reportDoc; -

When i set the source to viewer it has ConnectionInfo:ServerName "NewDataSet"Type "CRQE"ATTRIBUTES: "Database DLL" = "crdb_adoplus.dll" "QE_DatabaseName" = "" "QE_DatabaseType" = "ADO.NET (xml)" "QE_LogonProperties" = "ADO.NET Dataset Object" & "InternalConnectionID" "QE_ServerDescription" = "NewDataset" "QE_SQLDB" = false "SSO Enabled" = false Could someone please help me ? I've been banging my head to desk for two days now :S...