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Oct 02, 2007 at 08:49 AM

Error: ora-00903 when I try to view table values with BO XI Designer


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I try to build up a universe with BO XI Designer. First I create a connection to connect Designer to my Oracle 10 Database. The User used by this connection has access to all my Oracle Schema. When I import all the table to build my universe, I can see all the tables from all the schema my user can access. I need to use table from two of these schemas to do my universe.

My probleme starts here. When I try to see the table values of the tables coming from the first schema, evey thing is working fine and I can see them. But when I try to see the table values of a table coming from the second one I got this message: Exception: DBD, ORA-00942, Table or view does not exists. I try to rename the table entering the Owner of the table and now I have the error: Exception: DBD, ORA-00903, Invalid table name.

Someone can help me to fix this problem?