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Nov 07, 2007 at 01:47 PM

Error finding JNDI name


Post Author: Mauro.Garlaschelli

CA Forum: JAVA

Hi all,

I'm using CR XI + Tomcat 5.0.

Every time I click the refresh button on the report toolbar this error occours:

"Error finding JNDI name (localhost)"

Here below the jsp I use to view my reports:

<%@ taglib uri="/crystal-tags-reportviewer.tld" prefix="crviewer" %><html><head><title>viewreport</title></head><body bgcolor="#ffffff"><% String rpt; rpt = request.getParameter("rpt"); if (rpt == null) { rpt = (String)session.getAttribute("rpt"); } else { session.setAttribute("rpt", rpt); } String path = "/reports/" + rpt;%>

<crviewer:viewer viewerName="CrystalViewer" reportSourceType="reportingComponent" displayGroupTree="false" isOwnPage="true" displayToolbarExportButton="true" displayToolbarPrintButton="true" displayToolbarRefreshButton="true" displayToolbarToggleTreeButton="false" displayToolbarCrystalLogo="true" allowParameterPrompting="true" reportSourceVar="<%= path %>">>

<!-- Create the required report tag to specify the report to display and the session variable to cache the report source. --><crviewer:report reportName="<%= path %>"/></crviewer:viewer>

</body> </html> Any help ?

Thanks in advance,