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Jan 30, 2008 at 03:44 PM

Problems after moving application from CR 10 to CR 2008


Post Author: stk

CA Forum: .NET

After moving one of our applications from Crystal Reports 10 to Crystal Reports 2008 some of our reports cannot be started anymore. The error message "The request could not be submitted for background processing." comes along with a path of a temporary report file. In one case we found out that changing the direction of an inner join between two tables solved the problem for this particular report. For other reports we are still searching for what is causing the error.What has been changed in CR 2008 so that reports which are running fine with CR 10 cannot be started with the CR 2008 engine?Another problem we have is that the group tree now is shown by default for each report. I read in another thread that this can be avoided by changing a special setting in the report options. This works, indeed, but we sometimes create individual reports for customers so we would appreciate it if this setting can be done for the ReportDocument object (or the CrystalReportsViewer) we use in our application. With CR 10 we could set a CrystalReportsViewer property called DisplayGroupTree to false, but this property is described to be obsolete now. Is there any way to hide the group tree by default for all reports started from our application?Thanks in advance,Steph