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Jan 19, 2008 at 10:54 AM

Subreports hell


Post Author: harlock1975

CA Forum: .NET

Hi there, I am currently struggling to have subreports work in CR.NET 2008. Basically, everytime I change ANY of the subreports I lose the bound data. I found this article that explains the problem Well, this is a problem that occurs SISTEMATICALLY. The article is dated august 2006, AND THIS PROBLEM OCCURS ALSO IN VS 2008 (sorry for the caps, I wanted to emphasize the concept :). I can solve the problem using the method explained in the article, but my application contains a hundred reports: I have only one life and my subreports change quite often, how can the CR guys tell me to check each report selection formula to make them work???The article links to some hotfixes, but none for the .NET version. Is there any hotfix for .NET also?Sorry for the "angry" tone, but think that I shifted to CR from Reporting Services and this thing has quite upsetted me...Thanks for any help you can give,Luca