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Jul 20, 2007 at 12:27 PM

.engine / .forms dll causes confusing errors


Post Author: Tobias Boehler

CA Forum: .NET

Hello thereI've got a big problem, but first I give you some informations:Our reports are developed in CR 9.2Our reportingTool uses the Crystal-DLLs for rendering and presenting the report in the CrystalViewer.The File-Version of the DLLs is Assembly Version 9.2.3300 File Version 9.2.9500.2, the reportingTool is developed in VS2002 (.NET Framework 1.1.4322)In this version everything works really fine.Now we want to change to VS2005 (.NET Framework 2.0.50727)After several adjustments, which where necessary because of the conversion, I get really confusing errors.o something like "invalid job number" o something like "you have tried to read / write in protectet memory. the cause could be corrupt memory"o a crystal window asks me to set the report parameters again.The prolbem is, this errors are raised in totally irregular tests. I'have no idea whats the cause. Sometimes the error appears, sometimes not. Sometimes they are combined. Sometimes I get no errors. I've heard, there is a newer DLL version espacially for VS 2005 -> Assembly Version 9.7.3500.0 (no file version).Where can I get this DLLs and how is the licensing for that?Please help me. This is urgent! Thanks in advance, Tobi