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May 18, 2007 at 07:09 PM

C# Query to find Output Destination.


Post Author: fiddelm3742

CA Forum: .NET

I'm modifying one of the Business Objects XI .Net samples (Rpt View External Format Instance) and trying to retrieve some info from the CMS. The part I'm having issues with is retrieving the Location that reports are being output to. I can successfully retrieve most of the properties I need from my InfoObjects, however I can't seem to successfully pull the output path from SchedulingInfo. I can retrieve if it's unmanaged disk, FTP, SMTP etc however the information I want is the actual Path used for the unmanged disk via DESTINATION but I can't seem to locate the actual SI_OUTPUT_FILES/location Is it possible to retrieve this information in this manner?

Response.Write("<td>" + ceReportObject.SchedulingInfo.Destination.Name.ToString() + " Sched </td>");