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Apr 24, 2007 at 06:18 PM

class not registered error in Visual Studio 2003


Post Author: LenReinhart

CA Forum: .NET

I have an report that has been running in an application for the last couple years. There is an error in the application that I fixed, but now the report is not running against the production database and I wanted to look at a report in the editor and double clicked on the report in Visual Studio 2003. I got an error pop up "Class not registered" but that was it, no option to enter a registration code or anything. I had previously registered but tried going through that process and was told that it had been previously registered. I developed this report on this machine, so I am wondering if some patch that I applied caused this problem. It has been awhile since I have opened this report in an editor.Any light you can shine on this would be appreciated. Thanks,Len