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Apr 14, 2007 at 12:16 PM

Poor picture quality in crystal reports


Post Author: marina

CA Forum: .NET


I need insert high-quality photos of some products to a crystal report dynamically and then export this report to a PDF file to be printed by the customer as some proposal of products.

Some time ago I developed a web-application using MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2003 to generate PDF reports. I added images to reports generating BLOB objects at runtime. But the customer complains on poor quality of images in exported reports. The images in the exported reports have a problem of lost smooth color gradation. Now Iu2019m investigating if Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2005 would help me.

So, now Iu2019m using MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2005 for a test and nevertheless I have the same problem with poor image quality in a total report and an exported PDF file. If I insert a photo file (e.g., TIF or PNG, RBG/8) to a report template, I see an original good-quality picture (RBG/8) on the template screen. I do not use any scaling in the test. If I just switch to the Preview tab to preview the report, I see a bad-quality picture instead. It has the same width and height but has lost smooth color gradation and looks like a 256-color picture. The option "Retain Original Image Color Depth" does not help. I have the same problem with image quality in an exported PDF or MS Word file.

Is it possible to manage total image quality in crystal reports and how?

Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated.