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Mar 30, 2007 at 04:56 AM

Slow performance of Crystal Viewer on app startup


Post Author: Soundwave

CA Forum: .NET

Using Crystal XI, something that has always bothered me about using embedded ActiveX Crystal Viewers in my .NET and VB6 apps is the painfully long load time for the first report that is run after the application loads.It seems to be delayed loading of the viewer or other Crystal code into memory, as each report after the first one performs fine, but yet the first thing every one of my users complains about is how long they have to wait for their first report to appear. Doesn't matter what the application is, or how complex or simple the report is, the loading time is always there.Is anyone aware of tricks or optimizations to either decrease this loading time, or to force the loading time into program startup code (where users are much more patient to wait)? I've done a few tests of things like loading empty reports in the background (not visible to user) when the app starts, but unless I put something on screen it never seems to give a performance improvement for the first proper report loaded.