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Mar 26, 2007 at 03:19 PM

Multiple tables with the possibility of multiple records in each table


Post Author: viper

CA Forum: .NET


I have been trying for a few days now to come up with a CR solution to displaying data from multiple tables. These tables, in some cases, have more then one record that needs to be displayed. This is basically what I am trying to do.....

I am developing a .net web application(vb) using vs2005 and an oracle 10g backend. There is a data entry part of the site that users will enter data related to a property. Other users will be able to search these records and have a list of records returned based on the search criteria. The user then can click on one of these records to view a pop up CR report containing all the data related to that one property. The PropID is passed to the pop up page and is used in the WHERE clause of my SQL statement to bring back only one property. This data can come from as many as 18 tables if all the fields have been entered for this property. I have tried many different solutions to get the data from multiple tables...and have had some that were close to what I need. The best one I have will display data from multiple tables but only one record per table.....which doesn't work in my case since some of the tables have more then one record per table.

Is there anybody that has had success in setting up similar reports?

Does anybody know how I could use the "Group Expert" to group by the tables in my application? I can only figure out how to group within a single table.

It would be great if I could group by table....then just display the record(s) in each table that had the same PropID. I am not sure if the pdf export would show all the data in that situation but it would be worth a try. If fact...maybe I could create a new table called MyTables and just add two colums like MyTableID and MyTableName. Then add all the table names to MyTables that I want to see in the report and add the associated MyTableID value to each table as a new column. I could then group by MyTableID and PropID. Just guessing here.

Any ideas would be appreciated.