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Jan 18, 2008 at 01:41 AM

Contol of Legend colours across multiple charts


Post Author: Linda

CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting

I have created a number of pie charts based on the same data but each with only a subset of the data. The range of results may differ across the charts. I need to have the segments coloured consistently by the value of the legend i.e. :

chart 1 only has values for status of Failed

chart 2 has values for all possible status i.e. Failed, No run & Passed

chart 3 only has values for status of Passed

I can control the colour pallette which is used by each chart but need help on establishing a link to the values returned. I want the same colour scheme displayed for each chart e.g. Failed is always red, Passed is always Green, etc. However when data does not exist for a specific value I don't get consitency i.e. in the example above using the same colour pallette, the Failed for chart one and the Passed for chart three would both use the first colour in the pallette in this case would both be green which does not convey the right message.