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May 19, 2008 at 09:03 AM

Web services - unable to consume full datasets


Post Author: ethereum

CA Forum: Xcelsius and Live Office

Folks,I have written a web service in ASP.NET that pulls data from a SQL database - it works ok and returns the full XML schema plus data, however Xcelsius will not load it for some reason.I can consume the web service perfectly if it is set to return a single value of any type, however Xcelsius gives an "Unable to load URL" error when the service returns a dataset. For example, i can pull the same SQL data, and then return only one value from it and Xcelsius is fine with it, but errors at the full dataset. All the examples i have read on various websites seem to match what my service does to return the dataset, so i'm a bit stuck.If i change the service to return a datatable (the first and only table of the full dataset), Xcelsius will work with it but not parse the output parameters and never returns any data, even though i can view the results of the service and there is definitely data available.Any thoughts? Can anyone provide a rough example of a custom-built web service they use successfully that connects to a SQL database? I think it has to do with the XML schema, but i'm not sure where the issue lies - it's just the default schema produced by the service (created in MS VS 2005). Sample of the schema is below if it helps anyone.Many thanks! KIT Internal IT+HPSD Support 1 ... (etc)