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Apr 17, 2008 at 04:48 PM

flash variable not used by xml data connection for "refresh on load"


Post Author: thomas krupa

CA Forum: Xcelsius and Live Office

i am having an issue with passing a flash variable and refresh on load for an xml data my report i have a "Flash Variable" connection, which takes an id (sessionid), that allows the user to call our addition i have an xml data connection, that connects to our webservice to get live data using this sessionid.the properties of the xml data connection has "Refresh on Load" checked, so that i get live data as soon as i view the swf file.the problem is, that whenever i view the swf file, the xml data connection does not use the passed in sessionid, but the one i used at design time (which is invalidated after a couple of minutes)if i click on the refresh button, the data is fetched from the xml data source usinge the sessionid i passed via flash variable.adding a text component refering to the sessionid field, displays the correct value right after loading the swf file.i also tried to find a work around by using a cell trigger, but the trigger is not executed by a passed in value.i am using xcelsius 2008. i tried to run the swf file with ie7.0, ff 2.x and ff 3 beta5