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Jan 29, 2008 at 12:03 AM

Dynamically trigger different web services based on another selector input


Post Author: RMS

CA Forum: Xcelsius and Live Office


I am using Qaaws and Xcelsius for a visualization project.

I have an xcelsius selector for the 'view' the user wishes to see the model in. eg: current year view, region view, etc. Each of these views has the same measures but reported in context of different dimensions.

I would like to set up a different web service for each set of data based on the user input for 'view'.

eg: if the user selects 'region view', i should be able to trigger a web service (WS_region) that brings measure1, measure2 by region. If he selects current year view, WS_Curr_year should be triggered, and should bring back measure1 and measure2 by current year.

Is there a way to specify whihc webservice (WS_region, WS_Curr-year) to execute based on the 'insert into' value for the 'view' selector? I know we can do this in excel using some lookup / formula. The problem is What will i set in the behavior tab of the Web service connector in xcelsius? Is this what the 'Load Status' options are for?

Thanks a lot!