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Jan 18, 2008 at 03:12 PM

Parameters - using in query vs. selection formula


Post Author: PhilSky

CA Forum: Crystal Reports

This seems like it should be so obvious, I must be doing something wrong.

I want to edit the SQL query for my report (CR version 9) to incorporate the parameters - begin and end dates. To do this I click "Database" on the menu bar, "Database Expert", then right-click the command in the right-hand pane, and select "Edit Command". Then, because I can't find/insert the existing parameters, I create new parameters and update the query with them.

But it doesn't work! I get error messages talking about unknown parameters, parameters without values, etc., and I can't save my changes.

I can use the date parameters in the record selection formula, but I want to filter in the database, not get ALL records and filter on the report.